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Diamond Knife Repairs

Diamond Knife Repairs
Diamond Knife Rehoning Service


Superior Surgical repairs all types of ophthalmic Diamond Knives regardless of the manufacturer.
Diamond knife brands repaired include Asico*  Rhein* Katena*Bausch & Lomb (Storz)* Diamatrix* KOI* and others.

We can rehone many types of Diamond Blades including
the popular "3D" multi-facet blades.
FREE High resolution before and after images of your Diamond knife Repair

Click on the images above to see actual high resolution before and after diamond knife rehoning results

Fast, easy, reliable mail-in repair service
  • FREE evaluations
  • FAST turnaround
  • Any make, any model, any brand!


Step 1: Package instruments securely. (Clean instrument properly and package well.)

Step 2: Click the banner below and fill out the typeable PDF repair form 

Step 3: Mail it out

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